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Huisinis, Outerhebrids, Scotland

helenalongphotoworks said: Such evocative photos...I am just starting out and learning post processing. For a photo such as this (which I aspire to), do you do much post processing? Do you use Photoshop or Lightroom? Thank you!

Hello !

First, thank you for following my blog. i’m an amateur picture taker and have no experience nor did I follow any course. I learn and experiment by myself.

For post processing, I use lightroom, mostly with the automatic settings for white balance and colors adjustments. For natural pictures (eg : the beaches series on the scotland posts) it is enough. I crop the photos sometimes to achieve a more abstract picturing.

For night pictures ( eg : irons, trees, lungs, all the yellow-ish trees and submarine-like stuff…) I adjust the “black” setting only, in lightroom, to cover the noise of my cheap camera. Auto modes wont work, since they will try to get a better lightning, which is clearly not what I’m looking for, and will generate lots of noise and unatural colors.

For the boat cabin pictures, I tweaked a little more the colors to get the “flat/vintage/washed out” thing. 

I hope this helps !

I like your pictures very much too, beautiful colors already without the post processing and a great sense of natural abstraction. 

Luskentyre, OuterHebrids, Scotland

Luskentyre, OuterHebrids, Scotland


Tarbert, OuterHebrids, Scotland


Compiègne, France

Dear first follower,

We both like tree branches it seems. I feel great about not beeing alone to like and photograph it.

Thank you for your interest.


Tarbert, OuterHebrids, Scotland


OuterHebrids, Scotland


OuterHebrids, Scotland

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